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COVID-19 Update

 Thank you so much for your ongoing support and patience during these difficult times.

We just thought we would put an update to answer hopefully any of the questions you might have in regards to COVID-19 disruptions to Mabel Bear.


Processing and Delivery Times

Update 23rd June 2020

All shipping rates have now returned to normal. Please ensure you select express if you require your parcel quickly.



Update 1st May 2020 - we are now sending all items only by express post as we are finding express is taking the same amount of time standard shipping used to take. Standard shipping times are exceeding a month in some cases. We have temporarily made the following changes to our shipping terms:

- All parcels ordered from 2nd May will now be sent Express Post but we have had to increase postage slightly to $9.95. This means we are absorbing some of the cost for you as most of you know express costs is a lot more than this. 

- FREE shipping will still apply but as this will now be by express post incurring a big additional charge to our business, minimum spend has been increased to $80. Bulky items will be incur a additional postage charge and will not be eligible for free shipping. 

- We have also added some items to incur an additional ‘bulky’ charge if they weigh more than 500g. 


Most significantly to most of you would be when should you expect to receive your order.

Our processing times are the same as they have always been 1-3 business days for express (potentially slightly longer for handmade and personalised) and 3-7 business days for standard or free postage orders. We do have disruptions to our team with staff working from home, one was stepped down very early due to cancellation of events and others with personal issues preventing them from working as normal. Despite this, most orders are still leaving within our normal terms but if there are delays this is the reason why.


Expect significant delays with our postage services. Even express is not next day guarantee anymore and may be 2-3 days. Standard post is taking up to 3 weeks now. If you order online a lot you will already know about the delays from Australia Post. There has even been periods of time their site has crashed and we can not even order your parcel slips so in that event we have used Sendle.


IMPORTANT: If you have not received your parcel and would like updates please raise an enquiry direct with Australia Post. We do not have additional information regarding tracking beyond what is specified in your tracking link on the Australia Post website however they may be able to help you much more than we can.


To do this please follow the following link and follow the prompts:


If Australia Post deems your parcel lost we will either replace it or issue a full refund. You will need evidence of this however from Australia Post just contact us at



We are having significant delays with receiving stock from our overseas suppliers. This affects almost every item in some way in our shop as even handmade the components are often from overseas. We are doing our best to restock items as quickly as possible however there are certain lines that will take several months. We will often put updates in our Instagram story or in the description of the product if we know when they will be arriving.


Hopefully this answers many of the questions you may have in regards to your order or if your thinking about ordering.

Thank you once again for all your support over this difficult time!!


The Mabel Bear Team xx