Silicone Building Blocks

Mabel Bear

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Silicone Building Blocks
Silicone Building Blocks
Silicone Building Blocks
Silicone Building Blocks

Our Silicone Building Blocks are incredibly versatile and will last your baby many years. They are all of the following;

  • Teether toy for 3 months old up. The silicone blocks can be chewed for sore gum relief and to help them break through the gums. They have been tested to AS/NZS 8124 safety standards.
  • Bath toy for children of all ages.
  • There are different shapes on the top and bottom of each block which are a great puzzle for toddlers and preschoolers. 
  • Addition and subtraction plus numbers on one side of each block for older children to learn early maths skills. 
  • Cute characters on one side of each block which your baby will just love.

These blocks are amazing!! They come in a Mabel Bear draw string canvas bag for easy pack up and storage. Able to be sterilised, washed, frozen or refrigerated for gum relief. If used in the bath, please make sure they are drained and left to dry for longevity. 

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